The Public Option

A few days ago, I vowed to leave the democratic party if they squandered this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass health care reform. Ya know, with a few more days to mull this one, let's tighten that pledge up a bit. On the bus ride home tonight, while reading reports that the dems are coming to a "compromise," one that will not include a public option, I decided that it was time to turn to version two.

This appeared to be the dream season for democrats. After eight years of utter hell, we thought that we'd finally reached our time. Oh, we recoiled as our democratic brethren sucked up to Bush over eight years, but we remained aligned. And now it's all ours for the taking, right? Oh no. Unlike the crooks who ran the ship for the past eight years, our party has absolutely no backbone. Congressional democrats are given a wide open field to move through policies that were the impetus for landing them in office, yet they're hesitant to move in any direction at all. Oh the sad state.

So, let's revisit my promise. Forget just health care reform, if the democrats toss out the public option, well that there's enough for me to bid farewell.