Health Insurance Windfall

For all the hell that the major health care providers have reaped on their customers for decades, this story in the LA Times is simply sickening. I'm starting to wonder if Obama's more in bed with big business than his predecessor. Change? Really? If Barack Obama continues to spend countless hours of each day trying to appease every crook in this country, well, good luck on that second term. I know if the election were held today, I would not vote for him again. Am I representative of the typical knee-jerk reaction that seems to come from all angles of late? Maybe, but his first seven months are adding up to a pretty severe disappointment. Oh, I still like the guy, but the candidate who rallied us all, is not the same person we're seeing in office. He's barely a shadow of that person. Bringing change to Washington? Washington's brought change to Obama. One of Obama's key advisors on health care is Tom Daschle, a man who is employed by United Health.

Enough is enough. I know that Bill Maher among many others has often said that we no longer have a left and right in Wasshington; we have the center-right (democrats) and the certifiables (republicans). When Barack was elected, I disagreed with Maher. As each day passes, I'm willing to concede.