Random Greatness

With just shy of 20,000 tracks on the big iPod, for the first time in perhaps a year, I decided to just chuck it on random. This is always a risky move since I certainly have a plethora of absolute crap all over this iPod. But what a surprise:

"Anesthesia" Luna
"Dance Away" Roxy Music
"The Delicate Place" Spoon
"Papercuts" The Havenots (where the hell is Mick Spencer??)
"Poison in the Walls" The Go-Betweens
"I Gave You" Matt Sweeny & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
"Chain Gang" Sam Cooke
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" The Rolling Stones
"All Over Again" Jay Reatard
"Gasoline Drinks" Damien Jurado
"Sin City" Beck & Emmylou Harris
"Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor" Gillian Welch
"My Heart's Not In It Anymore" The Steinways
"Born a Woman" Nick Lowe
"Holding Back the Year" Lou Barlow
"Mr. Churchill Says" The Kinks


Anonymous said...

Three of those songs are mine! I'm glad you like.