Walking Down Noe

Following a dreadful run and a trip to Streetlight Records, I was walking home when I found myself on one of those amazing San Francisco blocks. I guess I was on Noe a few blocks before Duboce. There was just something, well, a lot of things, about this block or two. There were flowers everywhere. All of the apartments were filled with books, dogs, life. The wind was moving at a perfect pace. The trees hung over the streets and had beautiful red and orange-colored bulbs interspersed. It was quiet and peaceful. I slowed my pace.

As I made my way to the end of the block, I thought about returning home to grab my camera. But then I realized that I didn't want to capture these moments to reflect on. The images collecting in my head were just fine.


Fred said...

You were about two blocks from my sister's house (14th & Noe). It is an awesome neighborhood.

Campbell said...

I went back today. Yes, you are correct. The strip that I'm talking about is basically on Noe from 14th ->Henry ->15th. What an unbelievable block. I sat in one of the sidewalk corner mini-parks for an hour listening to Drake, Pernice and other sob-inducing tunes. I then saw a "For Rent" sign, rushed home and found it on Craigslist: $3900. Not awesome.