Obama to Congress : Play-By-Play

  • "I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last." Perfect.
  • Wonderful start: convincing, heartfelt and tough.
  • Mitch McConnell does not put me in a good mood.
  • "Those on the left?" Isn't that your side Mr. President? Oh lord, he's heading down the compromise route again.
  • Will he just call Max Baucus an asshole already?
  • Nice three points but way too vague. There better be specifics on the way.
  • Okay, here they come.
  • If I don't hear "public option" in the next 90 seconds I'm putting on "Hoosiers" and playing nerf hoops.
  • Thus far, I am not all that impressed; sounds pretty watered-down.
  • McCain's pumped.
  • Did Biden just nod off?
  • Finally he explains the massive costs of ER visits, debunking the "Why should I pay for his/her health care" that most self-serving Americans use as their main reason to oppose.
  • The republicans remain seated as Obama shoots down the "death camps" claims. What imbeciles.
  • Finally mention of the public option. But man, he doesn't sound convincing in his support of it. It's amazing that he can't ask Americans to help pay for a public option, yet we can pay for two wars, out-of-control defense spending and a million other wasteful things.
  • Oh lord, he's still reaching out to republicans?? Good luck.
  • Cantor is texting. What an ass.
  • Diane Feinstein is clearly baked.
  • I really wish the chamber turned into a full-on rumble.
  • I'm not impressed thus far. He's compromising again instead of making this a moral initiative.
  • They've had six months to come at you with "serious proposals." Give it up, Barack; it ain't happening. Huge mistake to invite these fools into the discussion again.
  • "The character of our country." Damn straight, Barry. It's something that seems completely lost right now.
  • Pretty solid close. "We did not come here to fear the future. We came here to shape it."
  • If we were to live in a highly-educated country, that speech would have been universally championed. Since we do not, I'm skeptical.

All told, I'd give it a B. I think he still has a shot of getting some sort of bill passed, but it'll likely be a skeleton of what it should be.

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