Generally speaking (whatever that means), I have grown to hate television. If I'm bored as ass, I will flip through channels for 30 minutes and ultimately turn the piece of crap off. I used to watch a lot of cable news but my mind no longer allows it. I have never seen American Idol or Survivor or whatever other crap clogs the major networks.

All that being said, there are a few programs right now that represent some of the best television in a pretty long time. And this past week's episodes affirmed that claim. If you've chucked the TV or have it on the permanent off mode, these shows may provide some reason to tune back in:

Curb Your Enthusiasm : This season's premiere was one of the best episodes in years. The show has suffered a bit the past few seasons, but last weekend's opener was superb. There were about ten lines or moments that had me laughing like a bearded asshole. "I'm an 82 man, myself."

Mad Men : I know this one's obvious, but this show really is that good. They occasionally falter (the awful dance scene with Campbell), but overall, this is about as good as TV dramas get.

The Office : Arguably the funniest sitcom ever.

Bored To Death : Alright, I've only seen one episode, but any show 1. on HBO, 2. based in Brooklyn and 3. starring Schwartzman, must be classic.

Hung : Pretty excellent first season.

Entourage : Not as good as it used to be but still certainly worth the 30 minutes.