Coffee and Toast with Yo La Tengo, SF

From the Matador site:

Sunday afternoons, there are just nothing like them. Get a little brunch, listen to some music, and simply relax, forgetting about the worries of your previous week. Well this Sunday should be no different, except well if you’re in San Francisco because then you can also spend it with Yo La Tengo. Yep you read that right, drop by Aquarius Records this Sunday for an intimate, brunch-style in-store appearance by Yo La Tengo. Aquarius Records have been long time supporters of the band, look no further than their recent Record of the Week review (below) of Popular Songs as evidence. Yo La Tengo have equally supported independent record stores throughout the years too. So to us this really sounds like a perfect match, the likes of a bagel and cream cheese or a donut and coffee, and from what we hear, arrive early enough and you’ll have dibs on both. Most important you’ll also get a chance to see Yo La Tengo perform a special, intimate set at Aquarius, and well we can’t imagine anything better than that on a Sunday afternoon!

Aquarius Records

1055 Valencia St, SF 94110

Sun, Oct 18 / 1-2pm