A Doctor's Questions on Health Care Reform

This morning I received the below e-mail from a friend who's a leading mind in her area of medical expertise. I think her most poignant question is about our elected officials answering pointed questions akin to an athlete or coach. I mean, if Alex Rodriguez can sit in front of the media and discuss his steroid use, how can our "leaders" not be forced to do the same, especially when it's in connection with laws that will impact every single life in this country. How can the American media not be on top of these folks? In the era of MSNBC, FOX and CNN, I'm not really sure why I even ask that. But heck, don't NPR, the BBC and other reputable sources get a seat at the table?

Her e-mail:

Politicians who oppose universal health care with a "governmental option" should be required to hold press conferences like coaches and athletes and answer the following questions:

1) Who are the "liberal special interest groups" you are concerned will inappropriately benefit from this legislation?

2) If the private insurers are "driven out of the market" won't that be a result of greed rather than concern for the public?

3) Why are you concerned about raising taxes on 0.3% of all households in exchange for benefiting the other 99.7%?