New York Sightings

I covered well over 100 blocks yesterday walking throughout the city. With a wide open day I wanted to once again let the city sink in, I suppose. As always, I'm just floored by the diversity of this city, in nearly every respect. No place on Earth touches the spectrum of people that inhabit this wonderful city.

I am not one for caring much when I see a "celebrity," whatever that means. But yesterday's dual sightings were bizarre, to say the least. While at a red light at about 61st Street and Madison, a certain filmmaker casually crossed right in front of us. Taken over with excitement, I scrambled to my take a pic. I was too slow. And then later in the evening, I'm walking in the village and one of my favorite musicians ever walks right by. The man is such an mystery that I was shocked to see that he's actually a real person.