• Having spent many years in San Francisco and New York, I've now come to realize the fundamental differences. As far as beauty, there's no question that SF is much more to my liking. I enjoy the slower pace, the hills, the parks, the ocean, etc. As far as people go, New York absolutely blows away SF. I know that's generalizing lots, but it's true. In just a few blocks of New York, I witnessed more originality than I see in a month in SF.
  • Bruce Springsteen is the greatest performer ever. No question about it.
  • If I could do anything every day for the rest of my life, I would sit in a backyard with a dog, a book and my iPod. I really don't need much else.
  • I have had Frost/Nixon via Netflix for about six months now. Is it time that I just chuck it back in the box?
  • When will Obama start being a democrat? His presidency has left me so disappointed that I barely check in anymore.
  • I hope the Yanks play the Twins. The Tigers bore me.
  • I had no idea that Peter Bruntnell put out a record last year. I picked it up via eMusic this morning and after one listen, it sounds pretty bad.
  • I also got the new Yo La Tengo which I'm sure is awesome.
  • I can't get that Springsteen show out of my head.