Rod Stewart Nixes Faces Reunion

Is this really a surprise? Rod Stewart isn't even a shell of the person he was when The Faces were one of the greatest bands ever. When is the last time that the feather-haired asshat released something that wasn't absolutely atrocious? That would be 1972's Never a Dull Moment or The Faces 1973 swan song Ooh La La. Correct, that's 36-37 years ago. That is a year before I was BORN and I have gray hair and a flabby ass. I mean, can we let this one go already? Ronnie Lane was an integral part of the band and he left us over a decade ago. Since Rod turned into a L'Oreal model 35 years ago, it's time to put this idea to rest. I mean, they're in talks of adding the lead singer of Simply Red? Good sweet god, please stop.

Let's remember them for this: