Songs of the Decade : Apollo Sunshine "Phyliss" (2005)

My South By Southwest '06 experience with Apollo Sunshine is well documented. With an open slot in my schedule, I casually bounced over to see the spinART showcase. As I walked in, a three piece was setting up. Apollo Sunshine was the name. Never heard of them.

About 45 minutes later, I departed the club soaked in sweat with the greatest natural high (fine, about 19 beers as well) I'd experienced since those Marah shows back in the late 90s. These guys were young, loud, raucous, sloppy yet incredibly tight and full of rock fury. The highlight of the show was a song called "Phyliss," which had a room of newcomers dancing, yelling and standing in awe. Three guys. They switched instruments numerous times throughout the song. Guitarist/vocalist Sam Cohen must've played about six instruments during this one tune. Picks were flying, snare drums snapping, strings busting and voices howling. It was an escalation of in-your-face blazing rock n' roll. And the whole room felt it.