Songs of the Decade : Beck "Lost Cause" (2002)

Having decided that a career in law was not for me, in early 2004 I left my job at a Manhattan law firm and plunged full-time into a volunteer role within John Kerry's presidential campaign. After that inspiring and energizing experience wound down, I was headed off to graduate school in public policy. But something changed. Maybe it was the Kerry defeat or the impending loans. At the last moment (literally), I backed out. With a full mind and an uncertain future, I headed to Myrtle Beach to take some time and help out in a family restaurant. Outside of Houston, Texas, I can't imagine a place where I fit in less. Sporting the Kerry badge on my workbag nearly cost me a few teeth and any mention of my political beliefs or social positions was asking for major, major trouble. As I drove those long byways with nothing but Home Depots, Wall Marts, fast food chains and bars on the perimeter, despite being a fairly (very) melancholy record, Beck's Sea Change rarely left the changer. And it was "Lost Cause" that I'd be singing along to while working through where I was headed.