Songs of the Decade : Guided By Voices "The Brides Have Hit Glass" (2001)

For years, friends had been pushing Bee Thousand on me. Yes, I got it, but it was just a bit too lo-fi for me. I enjoyed the record as a whole but I just didn't feel the spirit. Then came 2001's Isolation Drills. This I got. This is Bob Pollard going with full-on rock n' roll, and unlike the nearly dozen records he seems to ship each year, it sounded like he took his time on this one. "Glad Girls," "Twilight Campfire," "How's My Drinking?" and "Fair Touching" were just a few of the songs that made this my favorite GBV record. But it was "The Brides Have Hit Glass" that I played to death. A few friends and I used to sit around our Brooklyn apartments drinking and listening to music until the sun came up. Around 2-3am we'd often go to request hour where we'd each get to pick the next track. I can't count the number of times I surveyed thousands of CDs but ultimately landed on this track.