Songs of the Decade : Solomon Burke "Don't Give Up On Me" (2002)

Sometime around the mid-2000s or so there seemed to be a resurgence in the popularity of soul music. Folks were suddenly dropping Sharon Jones and Raphael Saadiq in the same breath as tedious hipster acts like the F**k Buttons and, I don't know, other shitty bands. Given the deluge of love for these acts, I was naturally skeptical. Few of these acts ever settled into my rotation. When it came to 2000s soul, no one nailed it like the preacher of soul, Solomon Burke. In his mid-60s and hovering around what must be about 400 lbs., Burke assembled an amazing project that enlisted Dylan, Costello, Lowe, Brian Wilson and others to contribute songs. Joe Henry turned in one of the most masterful production jobs of the decade, and Burke had created a masterpiece. Any song on this record could likely land on my list, but the title track is the first one that grabbed me. And for an entire year, Solomon Burke was my present-day Sam Cooke.


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