The State Dinner

If this guest list isn't indicative of how little has changed in Washington, well, I don't really know where else to look. Cards went out to media elites, government insiders, big money buffoons, Obama's "friends" and a few authors and poets for good measure.

Colin Powell? Ya mean that fella who sold his soul, lied to the world and played a huge part in leading us into the fiasco that is Iraq.

Michael Bloomberg? Big money = one can even destroy term limits.

Katie Couric? Ugh.

Ed Rendell? Odds that he had scorching body odor? Pretty high.

Bobby Jindall? Ugh-squared.

Timothy Geithner? Hope he picked up the tab.

Kirt Wagar? I hope this is a simple typo and it's actually Kurt Wagner from Lambchop. If so, disregard this entire post.

Jim Messina? Loggins got the shaft?

Marland E. Buckner? This better be Richard Buckner's brother.

Ari Emaneul? Yeah, now that's a guy who needs to hang with more celebrities.

Granted, it's a huge step up from a Bush/Cheney State Dinner, which were essentially attended by oil and insurance execs and authors as deep as James Patterson, but come on, how about a teacher or a doctor (whose mug isn't on CNN daily) or the parents of a soldier lost overseas? Maybe someone in the Peace Corps or doing great community work?

By the way, anyone know where Obama stands on health care because I don't.

I'm going to cook up a chicken parm. Texting Gavin.