2009 Grammy Nominations!

It's no secret that the Grammys have been nothing but an absolute joke for many, many years. They're akin to going to a fashion show hosted by Bruno, without the funny parts. I haven't watched since Elliott Smith nervously performed in his white suit. Or wait, was that the Oscars? I did watch a video clip of Costello, Springsteen, etc. performing "London Calling" in tribute to Strummer.

Take a peek at this year's Album of the Year nominees:

* I Am…Sasha Fierce (Beyonce)
* The E.N.D. (the Black Eyed Peas)
* The Fame (Lady Gaga)
* Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King (Dave Matthews Band)
* Fearless (Taylor Swift)

I mean, are YOU KIDDING?!?!?!??! I could understand if those were nominated for Worst Albums of the Year, but best? The BLACK EYES PEAS?!?!?!? BEYONCE?!?!?! TAYLOR MATTHEWS BAND?!?!? Can you fathom sitting down for 50-60 minutes and listening to one of these records front-to-back while not in a straightjacket?

And then there's Best Rock Album:

* Black Ice by AC/DC
* Live From Madison Square Garden by Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
* 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day
* Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King by Dave Matthews Band
* No Line On The Horizon by U2

Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood Live at the Garden???? What human being would listen to this garbage??? AC/DC put out a record this year? U2!!!!!

It's as if the voters are now just completely kidding around. And if they are, well, I give them credit; it's pretty hilarious.


Fred said...

The AC/DC was a "Walmart Exclusive"

bpfastball said...

Given a choice between listening to the aforementioned 10 albums, front to back, all in a row and a bullet in my head I'd seriously have to think about it for awhile.

Jay said...

Silversun Pickups got a 'best new artist' nod. They put our their 3rd record this year.

And the Neko record is "contemporary folk"?