And....Another E-Mail to Joey Lieberman

Sen. Lieberman,

Why do you do what you do? Please, Senator, explain to me why a public option is bad for this country? Please do.

Please take a few moments and think about the millions of lives you're impacting by doing what you're doing. Just a few moments.

Chris Campbell

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Man, I can't stand the state of Connecticut. I remember being at a record fair a few years back and there was some older fella outside the fair with about 47 Lamont badges on. This guy was absolutely terrified that Lieberman would be re-elected. He kept saying to me, "You don't know what this guy is capable of. He is an evil, evil man." This fella honestly looked scared. Now I see why.

Wasn't it Joe Pernice who had some classic line about CT? Something about it "being the shithole that keeps you out of NY or MA for a few hours." That wasn't the line, but CT still blows ass. It's like one big lacrosse match.