Animal Care & Control, SF : Essex

Essex, originally uploaded by ccsbandwagon.

This fine pup is Essex. I played with him for about an hour in the backyard of Animal Care & Control this afternoon. Amazingly, he has been at the shelter since October. Why? I really have no idea. He is happy, fun, gentle and goes absolutely manic when you play ball with him. If I'd stop for a bit, after dropping the ball at my feet, he'd pick it back up and put it on my lap. When I went to leash him and bring him inside he had no problem with it. On his kennel door there is a note about him needing some sort of medication but his problem is under control and is not contagious to other dogs or people. Just a wonderful dog.

The above photo is his pose while he's waiting for me to chuck the ball.

If you're interested, Animal Care & Control is located at 1200 15th Street (at Alabama). Their phone number is (415) 554-6364.

And, of course, there are many more dogs and cats available, all of whom need homes. I will be back later in the week. And my honest hope is that Essex is not there, because that will mean that someone's taken him home.