Big Star : Keep an Eye on the Sky

I'm only 14 songs into disc one and I may be ready to declare this the best box set I own. The alternate takes of "Give Me Another Chance," "My Life is Right" and others are simply breathtaking. Many could very well outdo the versions that made it onto the official releases. And the liner notes are wholly comprehensive and tell the story of a band that never, ever got its due. Had Big Star not experienced so many problems on the label and distribution fronts, they could have been the biggest band in the world. These songs are that good.

When considering the other phenomenal box sets I own, I'd point to the following:
The Faces Five Guys Walk Into a Bar
Anthology of American Folk Music
George Jones The Spirit of Country

But this Big Star set is just a gem. If only Chris Bell were around to see this. I can only hope that he'd be proud. What an amazing band.

Chris Bell, 1951-1978