Golden Smog @ The Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, 12.8.98 (Download)

Golden Smog @ Irving Plaza, NYC, 12.5.98

I took the above shot during Golden Smog's cover of the Split Enz tune "I Got You." This raucous affair of the self-proclaimed "stupor-ground," was one of the most memorable shows I saw while living in NYC. Golden Smog was comprised of Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), Jeff Tweedy (Uncle Tupelo/Wilco), Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum), Kraig Johnson (Run Westy Run), Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks) and Jody Stephens (Big Star). I don't care what they call(ed) themselves, that's one hell of a superground if I've ever seen one. They were friends, some of the most important musicians of the time, a number of the forefathers of the "scene," and shit, they were just a blast.

Today I was able to locate their performance at The Paradise in Boston three nights later. And here it is for your download. Enjoy it.

Golden Smog @ The Paradise, Boston, MA, 12.8.98

Set List:

1. Soundcheck
2. Soundcheck
3. Soundcheck
4. Soundcheck
5. Soundcheck
6. Soundcheck
7. Soundcheck
8. Soundcheck
9. Soundcheck
10. Soundcheck
11. Soundcheck
12. Looking Forward To Seeing You
13. Ill Fated
14. Won't Be Coming Home
15. Lost Love
16. Signed D.C. (Love cover)
17. White Shell Road
18. To Call My Own
19. Glad and Sorry (Faces cover)
20. V
21. Walk Where He Walked
22. Keys
23. I Can't Keep From Talking
24. Jennifer Save Me
25. Pecan Pie
26. Fooled Around and Fell in Love (Elvin Bishop Cover)
27. If I Only Had a Car
28. All the Same To Me
29. Until You Came Along
30. Radio King
31. Please Tell My Brother
32. Hurricane
33. Revolution Blues (Neil Young cover)


jon said...

I was so lucky to see Golden Smog a couple
of times! One was at the troubadour and the
other was this EPIC show at the belly up.
My sister, her husband and I met up there.
It was so like seeing the Faces on the NOD'S
tour. Just rock and roll expressed as FUN !!
Very fun.
Jon C.