Initial Thoughts on Senate Passing Health-Care Reform

I have very mixed feelings about this. My overriding interest in politics and public policy for the past ten-plus years has centered around my passion around health-care reform. Although this is far from what I wanted, this is a step, and I suppose, a major step. Yes, there are compromises abound and our Congress is beyond the pale, but Obama somehow managed to get this through in LESS THAN ONE YEAR. We shouldn't forget that he had to deal with a useless republican party, Ben Nelson, Lieberman and the rest. But he still got it through. That is quite remarkable. And this is a building block. Over time, it will strengthen. I praise the president.


jon said...

I didn't know where to put this . My sister was seminal
in my musical up bringing . She turned me on to your
post. She knew in the Laurel Canyon thing in the 70s
Was a huge bruce fan while I kind of went to the
greatfull dead. Anyway , They are both homeric bands
and have such history.
love you're take on son volt!! I always loved them and had the cool op to see them many times.
Anyway , I love your blog
Jon C.

Campbell said...

Thank you for the kind note, Jon. Happy holidays to you....

leigh said...

Did you read krugman's op-ed today? I think it mirrors some of your thoughts.

Campbell said...

I did. Today's passing of singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt again shifted my stance on reform. Again, I do praise Obama and think it's remarkable that he plowed this through, but I am so disgusted with our Congress that I am literally fuming.

Vic Chesnutt was confinded to a wheelchair since the age of 18. Over the years, despite HAVING health insurance, he has accrued over $50,000 in debt. In an NPR interview he spoke to this and said that he could lose his home, etc. The guy WAS INSURED!!!! John McCain, the rest of the disgraceful republican party, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, etc. should be forced to sit down with Chesnutt's wife. And he's only one of millions impacted by this. It's simply deplorable.