Songs of the Decade : Tim Easton "Dear Old Song & Dance" (2006)

"The same old thing over and over again is kinda self-defeating," howls Dave Bielanko on the opening track to Marah's phenomenal 1998 release Let's Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later on Tonight. Yes, different decade and different artist, but the message rings the same. Over ten years ago, as I fell madly in love with Marah, that line had little impact on me, but I did remember it. With age and a bit of wisdom, that line, and perhaps to a greater degree, the Tim Easton song I mention here, offer messages that even the deepest introspection may fail to locate. Easton's clearly talking about alcohol and drug abuse, but this could really apply to anything. Perhaps it's a destructive relationship or friendship, maybe it is booze, or maybe it's something else that's gripped you and just won't let go. There's a time when you have to let go, even with the knowledge that the immediate and near pain could be nearly impossible to bear. But somewhere in the depths you know it's time to bid farewell. And when you find your way out, you hope that the wounds that remain remind you of the courage of the fight.