Thank You, Visitors

The past two weeks has shown a three-fold increase in the number of unique visitors to this site. To even have one person visit my site on a daily basis is enough to keep plugging away, but the numbers I've been seeing of late are pretty darn humbling. I can certainly thank my pal over at Largeheartedboy for linking to my lists, Brent Best for a wonderful interview and all the great music being made that continues to inspire me day in and day out. I have never made a penny off of this blog and still have no plans to attempt to do so. I think I flirted with advertising for a few hours before laughing at myself. This is just a labor of love. I write what inspires me in that exact moment or over the course of time. I attempt to keep the personal stuff off here, but once in a while, I suppose I let a bit out.

In other news: With money beginning to tighten up quite a bit and the unemployment office driving me to the brink of irreparable insanity (I'm owed for seven weeks and counting), I have slightly picked up my employment search, but unlike times past when a paycheck could be enough to lure me in, I will now only work for a company whose vision I believe in. In this economy, finding openings at such organizations is not easy (but man am I crossing my fingers on one gig). I'm a bit torn as I've made a lot of headway of late with writing (a number of short stories in the bag), photography (I think I have just about enough pictures that I'm happy with to compile a book or something) and although the novel has slowed due to a number of factors, I am still pretty far into it and plan on completing a first draft in the coming weeks.

All that said, again, thank you for reading, watching videos, reading my manic tirades on music, politics, art, culture, wiffle ball and all the rest.

Tonight I will see Son Volt at the Fillmore. In a few days I'll hang with a good friend from New Orleans before seeing another buddy do a short story reading. And if I can somehow muster it up, Sunday I'll be driving to Joshua Tree to see Easton and the rest. Not too bad.

And anyone who knows me, knows full well what song comes next: