The Thin Blue Line

I spent two years in college volunteering for Amnesty International, took a number of classes on capital punishment, I own every Steve Earle record, and hell, I've seen Dead Man Walking about seven times, yet nobody's ever told me about the documentary The Thin Blue Line? C'mon folks.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was looking through documentaries on Netflix when I came upon this spectacular yet horrifying documentary. Errol Morris' 1988 masterpiece documents the erroneous conviction of Randall Adams for killing a Dallas police officer. At one point, Adams was within 72 hours of being executed, yet the United States Supreme Court began the lengthy process of saving his life. One year following the release of the film, the case was reviewed and Adams was exonerated. And the state of Texas, through corruption (really, Texas is corrupt?), false testimony and a testosterone-fueled district attorney nearly put this man to death for doing absolutely nothing. George W. Bush should watch this film. And Errol Morris has paid a lifelong deed to society.

A must see, no matter where you sit on the issue of capital punishment.