Tim Easton and Rembrandt

One of my favorite musicians, Tim Easton, lives in Joshua Tree, California. About a year ago, N and I took a trip to Joshua Tree and one plan (well, my plan) was to see Tim play with the All-Stars. As we sat at the bar talking to the bartender, we noticed that Tim was absent. Turns out, the bartender was Tim's wife. She told us that he was home sick and couldn't make it that night. A few days later, I blogged about my trip to Joshua Tree and Tim commented apologizing for missing us. I'd never met him before, but this suggested he's probably a good fella.

A few days ago, Tim and his wife saved the above adorable pup from what appeared to be a living hell. Instead of trying to take pieces and make a story, I'll just share Tim's words.

From Tim Easton:
The story of this dog's former owner is too harsh to tell. He lives with us now. Surgery for his broken leg and subsequent neutering will cost over $1000. Any assistance is appreciated...send it to KATIE SHAW P.O. Box 1976 Joshua Tree, CA 92252 Thanks.

As he said in another note, even $5 - $10 will be a huge help.

Tim with other awesome dogs