Vic Chesnutt @ NPR Tiny Desk


jon said...

I didn't hear the up shot on Vic. A truly amazing song
writer/performer. The only time I've ever been to NY
was a stop over for 1 night to visit a friend whom had
moved there from LA. She is an entertainment attorney
and had a whirl wind night planned, which started with
checking out a Sweet Relief benefit. This was like in 95
I guess. The firm she worked for represented some of the people playing that night. Anyway, long story short, We ended up at this after party at this wild
Indian restaurant and I was seated smack between
Victoria Williams and Vic Chesnutt. To this day, I've
never been so dumb struck in my life.
Jon C.

script180 said...

thank you for this in the wake of it all, if feels good to see him here like this. Saw him live & also met him in the early 90's & he was quite generous, sweet, an old soul. Victoria Williams I also met, lovely lady and musician. He will be missed and I cannot imagine how it must be for those close to him when he has the effect he does on those who merely know him as fans. It is good to see the outpouring and I hope somewhere, somehow he knows this.