Athena & Marley

After a year of hanging around SF Animal Care & Control, I finally feel ready to adopt a dog. I've wanted my own pup for as long as I can remember and now feels like the right time. I have actually found two dogs that I'd love to take home, Athena and Marley. I've hung out with both on about four occasions and absolutely love them. As I furiously search for an apartment that will permit a pup, I've been simultaneously debating which one I'd adopt if I can land an apartment in time.


I settled on Athena. She's a six-year-old who was dropped off by her owner. She knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and is incredibly loving. The moment I saw her I wanted to take her home. And every time I've returned, she just gives me that look. One of the hilarious aspects of her personality is her complete lack of interest in playing ball. I take her outside and chuck the ball and it just bounces off her head. She couldn't care less. Then she runs up to me and dives into my lap. Well, today I gumped it on over to the shelter to see both dogs (and the others) and as I approached Athena's cage, I saw the notice: "Adoption Pending." I obviously had a mixed reaction to this and it now looks unlikely that I'll take her home. However, knowing that someone's about to ultimately made my day. I went into her cage for about a half hour (she did a long jump onto my head in under five seconds) and we said our goodbyes.


It's now down to Marley. He's a six-month-old who has the same reaction when I enter his cage, but given his age, is a bit more rambunctious. But man do I love this dog. I spent a half hour with him as well and he actually would not leave my lap. I called my landlord and asked if I could just keep the dog until I find an apartment. He wouldn't even consider it. Understandable, but certainly a bummer. Given how adorable and fun this dog is, I can't imagine he'll last in the shelter too long. Just like Athena, that's a good thing, but I wouldn't mind his home being my future apartment.