Tim Easton's "Porcupine" Limited Edition

Now this is how it should be done. Actually, this is going leaps and bounds ahead of how it should be done. I'd been eying Tim Easton's Porcupine vinyl special-edition for months now. It's priced at $40 plus $5 in shipping so I'd hesitated for months. After growing to really like the record, I finally made the plunge. I've been a fan of Easton's dating back to the Haynes Boys and all of his records, most notably, the classic Special 20, get regular spins, and likely will for years to come.

Yesterday, while continuing to battle some sort of flu, I left the apartment for a bit to take some photos. As luck would have it, I stopped into a bakery for a muffin, and not one hour later seemed to have been hit by a major case of food poisoning. Perhaps that sounds hard to believe, but yep, that's what happened. When I finally made it home, feeling as though I could barely stand (literally), there sat the package from Easton. Although I was in too much of a fog to really absorb the beauty of it all, I did muster up an ounce of energy to open the package.

After almost 24 straight hours in bed, I finally gave a good look this morning. In addition to a hand-painted cover/back, Easton even adds a simple touch by drawing a guitar in marker on the package. I wish I could say that this a great lesson for the major labels, but well, that ship has sailed. Perhaps this a great lesson for artists and independent labels. This direct-to-fan touch, though time consuming, is unbelievably rewarding for the listener. Fantastic work, Tim.


leigh said...

indeed, very cool. hope you're felling better

Campbell said...

thanks, leigh. yes, i am feeling a bit better, although i still can't eat and the dizzy spells are odd. re: this post, i urge you to check out tim's work. i'd start with Special 20 and then move on to Ammunition and Break Your Mother's Heart. Then get the rest. I won't compare him to Dylan, as there's only one Dylan, but I guess I kinda just did compare him to Dylan a little.

Anonymous said...

well, it's the least i can do! thanks for the support.


Anonymous said...

no, wait, i suppose i could in fact do a lot less!

this kind of posting gives me energy and ideas for new albums and new ways of putting the music and art out there.

easton again