The Wrens

I've written so much over the past seven years about the impact of The Wrens' phenomenal record The Meadowlands that there's no need to recycle another hyperbolic love story. Wait, I have written about it a lot, haven't I or do I just toss it atop every list? Whatever the case, The Wrens (Charles, I'm guessing?) have expressed gratitude for me putting them at #1 on my Huffington Post list of records of the decade.

I met the entire band after their show at Slim's on December 3, 2005. They signed a copy of their first record, took a photo with me and we talked about New Jersey at length. Although I've taken a photo here and there with artists I dig, since entering my thirties about 28 years ago, I often avoid interacting with my favorite artists. There's something in the fear of being let down. I'd rather the music just serve its purpose. But The Wrens, like, well, almost every musician I've met, were absolute class acts. For them to include me on their site is a bigger honor than they can imagine.

As I listen to The Meadowlands on the turntable, I remain amazed at the depth, writing, subtlety and sounds of this masterpiece.