First No TV

I have now been without television for a few months and I can't claim to miss it one bit. I mean, I've never seen an episode of Lost, American Idol, FOX News with Some Freaks, that show with Jersey Shore Jovi's or the Joan Rivers Show so there was really no use in spending the bucks. I now get HBO stuff via Netflix. It's working out quite nicely.

In about two weeks I will move into a new apartment and not only will the TV remain off, but I'm adding internet to that growing list of dependencies that need to be shed/curtailed. When I need the world wide webnet to write my grueling Huffington Post pieces or to check Yanks transactions I can cartwheel on over to the local coffee shop. You see, this apartment allows dogs, and despite not having a "day job," I am actually surprisingly busy. Add in a dog, and I really just need to erase the morning and evening b.s.-time spent looking at Paul Krugman photos and Coffee Creek videos from '89. My bookshelves are loaded, records are overflowing, DVDs are aplenty and my fingers are calling me to write.

As far as this blog goes, I have no plans to cut back. If I'm inspired to write at night (like now), I will simply write the piece and post it the following day. If it's no longer timely, well, my daily viewer count may drop from four to two.

Next on the list: food. As of July 1, I will no longer eat food.