Just Some Thoughts

I've been a bit lax on this blog of late, which, as the few who read know, is quite rare. A lot going on, I suppose. Moves, a sudden surge of writing, exercise, and just other life stuff that creeps up and takes the days away.

Some things on my mind that should cover the gaps of the past week or so:
  • What a joy to see the Saints win the Super Bowl. Sometimes sports really do matter, and for the city of New Orleans, this mattered.
  • The Who were very awful.
  • Van Morrison's Moondance is truly a great record.
  • I should have a dog within a month or two. This is very good news for me.
  • So many life changes that I really can't tally them or even comprehend them all right about now.
  • I'm going to head over to Amoeba this afternoon to see David Rawlings and Gillian Welch. Beautiful.
  • Don't forget Haiti.
  • Condolences to my friend Lori.
  • I'm about done with the first season of Dexter. I was about to give up after episode 4 as the acting was starting to bother me, especially the woman who plays Dexter's sister. However, the last few episodes have been great. I'm staying put.
  • Yes, seriously, for real, honestly, a first draft of my book should be completed by the end of March at the latest.
  • I can't wait for Joe Henry next month. The last time I saw him, at Maxwell's in Hoboken in '99, he was mighty fantastic. Mightily.
  • After a nice two-week run, Obama kinda seems back to his old ways. Can he please can Emanuel. Yes Rahm, I'm one of those whiney liberal bloggers. I am!
  • My friend at Warner sent me the best package. Records in abundance!
  • Sometimes I want to drink 178 cups of coffee in a day.
  • Joe Strummer.
  • That Nick Flynn reading is still sitting with me.
  • The Arcade Fire performance streaming on Austin City Limits is quite great.
  • It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.