Some Thoughts

-Man, what news to wake up to. I don't have the immediate access to news that I once had, but an early-morning walk to the coffee shop revealed the happenings in Chile. When I saw the number 8.8, my stomach immediately dropped. I can't recall ever hearing of a quake of that magnitude. It looks like Chile had the largest quake in the past 110 years in 1960 with a 9.5. Last night's quake ranks fifth. Thoughts are with the folks down there.
-I bought Damien Jurado's new LP yesterday Hoquiam yesterday. It's a collaboration with his brother, and two listens, proves that Jurado's still on a roll. Beauty.
-There is a temporary dog-adoption center one block from me today. Could it be the day?
-I was in Amoeba yesterday and it looks like Stephin Merritt is guest DJ'ing at Amoeba-SF at 2pm on Sunday. I will be going to a screening/Q&A of the Merritt documentary on Sunday night.
-This song by the Everybodyfields playing via my iTunes right now is very, very nice. I need to listen to this band more, although I think they've recently called it a day.
-I sat in Duboce Park last night and was amazed at the beauty of the sky. What a wonderful night. Felt like a planetarium.
-I watched Into the Wild for the second time this week. Once again, I considered it.
-Two very close people in my life will meet for the first time today. I like that.
-Please read the Chomsky piece that precedes this post. Thanks to Ed Burch for leading me to it.
-I sat down at a Mexican restaurant last night and was finally able to watch a bit of the Olympics. What event do I get? Hockey. The only sport that I couldn't possibly care less about. It was Canada vs. someone and it was boring. I want to see skating, though I think I missed women's and men's speed skating.
-I really need to hear Josh Ritter's new record.
-I will listen to Liz P's new one a few times this weeekend.
-With no internet, I can't watch Yanks!
-Enjoy your weekend.