Things I Like

photos, laughter, the moon, doors, voices, dogs, records, frames, stories, roofs, quiet, herds, cows, dolorean, shades, ocean, golden gate park, baseball, cincinnati, minneapolis, pacifica, soul, son volt, everly brothers, wind, rain, henry miller, maps, water, coffee, yamo, animal care & control, thunder, grass, smiles, friends, neil young, jimmy carter, nami, the wrestler, bob dylan, running, emotion, days, pt anderson, will oldham, san francisco, brooklyn, dishes, farms, driving, ease, sky, harmonies, wood, jukeboxes, curiosity, patience, CDs, cameras, animals, oxfam, fences, diners, sebastopol, crater lake, hotels, connecting, repairs, wisdom, spirit, blankets, buildings, parks, clouds, phono, paint, windshield wipers, gavin bryars, books, stairs, tiny desk, woody guthrie, big star, serenity, bbq, garages, birds, moments, up, bottle rocket, november, cliffs, insight, apologies, rest, peter sellers, obama, 11th avenue, duboce park, this song,..