Alex Chilton, 1950 - 2010

My god. I've always wondered how I'd react when one of my real heroes were to pass away. I can't even begin to think about those closest to me in real life. This one breaks my heart. It truly, truly breaks my heart. I can't possibly express how much the music of Big Star has meant to me. It's had an enormous impact on my life. I think about his former co-writer and bandmate Chris Bell often. Bell left us far too early. And now Chilton. As I said to a friend recently, Chris Bell and Alex Chilton are my Lennon and McCartney. The words and music of Big Star have helped pull me through some of the roughest spots while also adding immense joy to some of the best times. They are, were and will always be, one of the greatest bands to ever make music. I am at a loss. Rest in peace, Alex.