Cell Phones in Public Places

Is there any way that we can take a societal step back and forget that this became acceptable? It seemed like a slow progression but it's now gone way too far. I'm now having trouble spending time in my beloved local coffee shop because there are 3-4 schlongs who show up every day and babble endlessly and loudly. I do not like this much at all. The guy to the left of me right now is making me want to Miyagi him.


Fred said...

Three things:

1. I love the "Wall Street" pic
2. I do believe I've pounded beers with you while you tap, tap, tapped away on your iPhone. DB can attest.
3. Make sure this guy http://tinyurl.com/y8fdhzr isn't around when you gripe about cell phone use

Campbell said...

I used to tap, tap, not talk. And c'mon, I was texting people about very, very important business matters. Wait, I wasn't working then.