Health Care Reform In Our Sights - Do YOUR Part

Today is the closest this country has ever been to major health care reform. Are there flaws in the House, and especially Senate, bills? Yes. Major ones. At times, I have trouble supporting either bill, especially the Senate bill, which lacks a public option. But ya know what, as hard as this is to type, we have to start somewhere.

And here's where those behind health care reform, which should include every American outside of those making money off the backs of the sick, need to step up. Two pretty simple things you can do today, which should only take a few minutes.

First off, call your local representative. The following is the congressional switchboard number. Call this number, tell them your rep., wait to be transferred, and then leave a message voicing your support for health care reform, (and the public option, if you support it): 202.559.4225.

Secondly, we now stand at approximately 41 senators who support the public option. Those who have yet to commit are in bold below. CALL THEM!

I hate to say that this is the fight of our lives, but someday, that could literally be true.

Sen. Daniel Akaka HI Statement
Sen. Max Baucus MT Unknown
Sen. Evan Bayh IN Unknown
Sen. Mark Begich AK Unknown

Sen. Michael Bennet CO Letter
Sen. Jeff Bingaman NM Statement
Sen. Barbara Boxer CA Letter
Sen. Sherrod Brown OH Letter
Sen. Roland Burris IL Letter
Sen. Robert Byrd WV Unknown
Sen. Maria Cantwell WA Statement
Sen. Benjamin Cardin MD Statement
Sen. Thomas Carper DE Unknown
Sen. Robert Casey PA Statement
Sen. Kent Conrad ND Unknown
Sen. Christopher Dodd CT Statement
Sen. Byron Dorgan ND Statement
Sen. Richard Durbin IL Statement
Sen. Russell Feingold WI Statement
Sen. Dianne Feinstein CA Letter
Sen. Al Franken MN Letter
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand NY Letter
Sen. Kay Hagan NC Unknown
Sen. Tom Harkin IA Unknown

Sen. Daniel Inouye HI Letter
Sen. Tim Johnson SD Letter
Sen. Ted Kaufman DE Statement
Sen. John Kerry MA Letter
Sen. Amy Klobuchar MN Statement
Sen. Herb Kohl WI Unknown
Sen. Mary Landrieu LA Unknown

Sen. Frank Lautenberg NJ Letter
Sen. Patrick Leahy VT Letter
Sen. Carl Levin MI Letter
Sen. Blanche Lincoln AR Unknown
Sen. Claire McCaskill MO Unknown

Sen. Robert Menendez NJ Letter
Sen. Jeff Merkley OR Letter
Sen. Barbara Mikulski MD Letter
Sen. Patty Murray WA Statement
Sen. Bill Nelson FL Statement
Sen. Ben Nelson NE Unknown
Sen. Mark Pryor AR Unknown

Sen. Jack Reed RI Letter
Sen. Harry Reid NV Statement
Sen. John RockefellerWV Unknown
Sen. Bernie Sanders VT Letter
Sen. Charles Schumer NY Letter
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen NH Letter
Sen. Arlen Specter PA Letter
Sen. Debbie Stabenow MI Letter
Sen. Jon Tester MT Statement
Sen. Mark Udall CO Statement
Sen. Tom Udall NM Letter
Sen. Mark Warner VA Unknown
Sen. Jim Webb VA Unknown

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse RI Letter
Sen. Ron Wyden OR Statement