Twenty Year Tunes

I've recently re-connected with someone from high school via, where else, Facebook. And unlike most of those tedious re-connections where it turns out that we still have nothing in common, this new pal and I bond over, what else, tunes! (Can someone please edit that sentence for me?) Turns out we know a lot of the same folks, love a lot of the same bands and hang at the same places (well, the places I hung out at when I lived in New York). And we've now decided to make each other some mixes. Physical mixes. Like the kind you have to mail.

SK: Here are yours:

"Salvese quien pueda" Juana Molina
"Spinnin on the Rock" Ramsay Midwood
"Reaction" The Figgs
"Broke My Heart" Tim Easton
"Lucky Shoe" September 67
"Magic In Here" The Go-Betweens
"Powderfinger" Neil Young
"Safe and Sorry" Nathan Moore
"You Try Sober" Absentee
"Trigger and Trash Heaps" Centro-matic
"Orangeworker" For Squirrels
"Winter Time" Drug Rug
"Testament To Youth In Verse" The New Pornographers
"My Heart's Not In It Anymore" The Steinways
"Started" Chip Robinson
"Methamphetamine" Son Volt
"Sometimes Always" Brakes

"3 Rounds and a Sound" Blind Pilot
"Bells of Harlem" Dave Rawlings Machine
"That's How I Got To Memphis" Solomon Burke
"Underwater/Overland" The Havenots
"Walt Whitman's Bridge" Marah
"Last Dance" Mekons
"Mansions of Los Feliz" Eels
"Guess I Know I'm Right" V-Roys
"Tougher Than the Rest" Camera Obscura
"Until the Led" Vic Chesnutt
"Smile Away" Paul McCartney
"Heather, Remind Me How This Ends" Dolorean
"Mississippi" Bob Dylan
"Here We Go Again" Holiday
"If It Rains" Robert Forster
"I Can Hear the Laughs" Freedy Johnston
"It's Up To You" The Jayhawks

"Turn Me Loose" Nathan Moore
"Metro Pictures" The Mendoza Line
"Make a Book" The Drams
"All I Know" The Pernice Brothers
"A.M. Slow Golden Hit" Hotel Lights
"Ask Her To Dance" Coconut Records
"When You're Not Mine" Blue Mountain
"Sympathy Wreath" Barbara Manning
"Broken Bottle" Alejandro Escovedo
"Monkberry Moon Delight" Paul McCartney
"The Golden State" John Doe
"Station To Station" Jay Farrar
"The Giant of Illinois" The Handsome Family
"Sky'd Out" Varnaline
"Get Some Lonesome" Tim Easton
"Summer of Drugs" Soul Asylum
"Freight of Fire" Scud Mountain Boys

"Waiting For Love To Fail" Milton Mapes
"Shaking Hands (Solider's Joy)" Michelle Shocked
"City of Dreams" Marah
"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" Ramblin' Jack Elliott
"Standing In Yon Flower Garden" Alasdair Roberts
"Attitude" The Replacements
"Itchycoo Park" Ben Lee
"Red River Shore" Bob Dylan
"Sometimes Friends" Head of Femur
"Hard Times" Gob Iron
"Forever Came Today" The Backsliders
"Emma Blowgun's Last Stand" Beulah
"Versatile Heart" Linda Thompson
"Go With God (Topless Shoeshine)" Joe Henry
"They Were Wrong" Matthew Ryan
"Just For You" Sam Cooke