Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

I first saw Welch & Rawlings at Boston's Paradise Rock Club in 1995. They played a beautiful opening set reminiscent of The Carter Family and the greatest of pickers and songwriters. As the night neared to a close, they joined Son Volt for a raucous take on Neil Young's "Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown." Welch, along with Rawlings, have gone on to release four records, all of which are either incredible (1996's Revival, 2001's Time (The Revelator)), pretty incredible (2003's Soul Journey) or very good (1998's Hell Among the Yearlings). As her fans have eagerly awaited a new record for now seven years, many are starting to wonder if perhaps she is done making records. As the wait continued, a glimmer hit us with David Rawlings' first record, last year's A Friend of a Friend. Rawlings' record proved that whether released under Gillian's name or his, they just put out stunning music.

As the wait for a Welch release continues, if you're into folk, country, rock n' roll and tunes that are simply great, I suggest you watch a few of these videos. And then go buy every damn record mentioned above. And if you don't like them, you should probably just go ahead and block yourself from everything.


Anonymous said...

They are not husband and wife

Campbell said...

Thanks. I have removed that line.