My Top Ten Records, circa May 1998

The things we find when doing a little housecleaning. I just came across a printout from May of 1998. I won't even get into the "others" section, which consists of about 75 records, but I figured I'd post my Top Ten from that time. Amazingly, not much has changed. These ten records, with the exception of maybe one, could land on a Top Ten list of mine today.

This is how the note reads:

NO ORDER, ONLY ONE RECORD PER ARTIST IN TOP 10 (Yes, I put this all in caps for emphasis):

Uncle Tupelo Still Feel Gone
Wilco Being There
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde
Steve Earle Train a Comin'
Son Volt Trace
Big Star #1 Record/Radio City
Richard Buckner Devotion & Doubt
Beatles Beatles For Sale
Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Bruce Springsteen Nebraska