One of These Things First

As I announced to the world in a post some time back, I no longer have internet access at home. As a result, you've probably noticed that I'm not posting nearly as often to this here blog. But there are other factors, some of which I will outline for you here:
  • Memoir: First version is complete. I am now midway through a first edit. Once this edit is complete, I will re-read the whole damn thing and then I'm done. There is a title. It could change but it probably won't. It will then go off to an editor. Once it returns, I will consider which steps to take next. I may seek out an agent. I may just print up 100 copies and drop them on Market and 4th. I may just upload the whole thing to my Flickr account.
  • Photo Book: This is essentially ready to go. I just have to get over to Berkeley to pick out the paper, binding, layout, etc. and get them printed. This is going to cost me quite a few dollars. Please buy it when it's done. If not, Market and 4th.
  • Artist Mgmt: I am back at this. You will certainly be hearing more from Liz Pappademas & The Level. They are out of LA and their upcoming release Television City is a fantastic artistic achievement.
  • Dog: As I'm sure you're aware, I have adopted a dog. His name used to be Marley. It is out now Bennett. He is awesome. However, he is taking some training and that is taking up a good portion of every day. We also rumble each quite a bit.
  • Job: I have started to look around a bit. There's really only one company out here that I want to work for if I remain in my field. I am talking to this company. I will not be CEO.
  • School: This is always a possibility. I could go back for a Masters in Public Health or something of the sort. I am considering taking the GRE again. I think I scored a four last time.
All of this stuff has been keeping me quite busy, but that's not to say I haven't been inspired by stuff, some of which I will share now:
  • My dog rules.
  • I still think about Alex Chilton daily. His music and the pieces I've read, especially the New Orleans piece, have hit me in ways I could have never expected. I've always loved Big Star. As a matter of fact, I recently came across a top ten record list that I printed out in 1998. #1 Record / Radio City was #2 behind Uncle Tupelo's Still Feel Gone.
  • My reading has really slowed of late. I'm trying to wrap up Dennis Lehane's A Drink Before the War. Following this, I either want to read Joe Klein's Woody Guthrie: A Life or Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.
  • Playing basketball again makes me very happy.
  • Taking Bennett to Pacifica makes me even happier. Seeing him get totally pumped as he hopped through the tall weeds was so hilarious and touching.
  • My mother and stepfather recently visited. It was a very memorable visit. It took them five years, but it was well worth the wait. I miss them already.
  • Congrats to my pal Bob on the birth of his second child, Katie Jane.
  • I am listening to "You Are My Face" from Wilco in NJ last week right now and I am pumped. This is one of Tweedy's best post-Bennett songs.
  • Pavement!
  • Record Store Day is Saturday. New Josh Ritter! And a bunch of 45s!
  • Yanks in Oakland next week!
  • Things are good. If you've made it this far, well, I hope you're doing well.
I've posted this before, but today it seems fitting.....