When I realized that the new job, a move and a lack of cash was going to prevent me from spending Christmas with my family, I admit that I was a bit upset. This was the first Christmas that I would be spending alone. Nevertheless, for some reason it turned to be quite alright. I knew that I could make it through Christmas day fine, it was the Eve that worried me. Christmas Eve has always carried a lot of emotion for me.

Yesterday afternoon I figured I'd reach out to some local folks to see if they were around. Much to my surprise, my buddy Ryoko was interested in meeting up for a few drinks. We landed in a bar in Sunnyvale. There were four people on hand: the sullen bartender, a distracted barback, Ryoko and myself. For a few hours we chatted about this past year, the happiness she'd found with her new boyfriend and how our lives had matured in the past year. I drove home around 11pm and felt great. Small things.

Today I received a few unexpected calls, spoke to my parents (and step-parents), a few of my siblings (left a message for ya John) and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. I had some great laughs with a buddy from back East, as well as an ex-girlfriend. Regarding the latter, although things may not work out in certain senses, it's humbling and well, touching, that you can somehow get past that and still care for each other. We laughed, we reminisced. We both wished each other well.

Inspired by my younger sister, I had intended to spend some time today doing some volunteer work. Well, as I'm *still* getting my possessions together for the move to the city, I realized that I was running out of time. Since I didn't spend much on Christmas gifts this year, I wanted to do something. To that end, I made a small donation to the Carter Center. I realize that the former president is coming up a lot lately in my thoughts, blogs, etc. Why? I can't say for sure. I just know that his spirit and ongoing commitment to the good left me with a good feeling on Christmas Day. Knowing that, I wanted to show some support.

Merry Christmas to all. And thanks for the well wishes.