Empty City

Boy was today bizarre. Our company decided to give us the day off Friday as opposed to Monday. This morning I headed up 280 and felt like I was driving along I-80 in Nebraska (does I-80 run through Nebraska?). My commute, which usually runs about 90 minutes door-to-door, today was 45 minutes tops. When I approached the lot I park in each day, there was nobody. The gates were open, but there was a mere ONE car in the lot. No attendees. No notices. I just parked and walked to work. No charge. As I made the two-block stroll to work there was literally not a soul on the streets. All restaurants/cafes/Starbucks, etc. were closed. No joke, I seriously had to stop and think, "Wait, is today Christmas? Is it Sunday? Where the heck is everyone?"

When I got to the front door of my office building still nobody. I headed up the elevator and as the door opened there sat a number of our HR/Admin. folks. Ahhh, life! The office was about half full but the mood in the office was secluded yet focused. Everyone appeared to be buried in catch-up work.

The last time I saw a major city that quiet was in NYC at about 1130pm on 9/11/01. I remember heading home from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn that night filled with emotion and looking around and finding/seeing no one. Although today was the day after Christmas and the city was peaceful, I was somehow transported back to that day.