Embarcadero Skies

Ok, trust be told, I don't think it was the Embarcadero...I just like the sound of it (and the borrowed line from Jeff Tweedy).

Today, I strapped on the running shoes and made the voyage down Gough and to the water. The run down was interesting. There were a number of times that the slope was so steep that I thought I was gonna blow out a knee Eric Dickerson-style. Fortunately, I made it down. Once it flattened out, I had a surge of energy I hadn't felt it some time. I haven't been consistently running for 3-4 months, but man did it feel like I hadn't skipped a beat. Maybe it's the vitamins. It certainly can't be the smoking.

I got to the water and was able to look at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz for the first time in my life. Man was it a beautiful scene. I sat on a bench, turned on Emmylou Harris' "Wrecking Ball" and relaxed. There were couples, dogs running after balls, joggers, people sipping coffee. It felt great. Peaceful. Iron & Wine on the walk home complimented a near perfect day.