After going well over a year without cable, I decided to pick up Direct TV after settling into the new place. Sure, it's cheap, but I already regret it. I basically wanted to cable for sports (not finding much there), news (oh good lord...cnn is just hysterical...msnbc has become a joke, and errr, what else is there? i guess i should check out the bbc), movies (how many times can i see "Closer" (which was grossly overrated) or "Ray" (well, none, since I haven't seen it yet)) and maybe the History Channel, Discovery and less than a handful of others.

Every time I flip on the TV I just flip. And flip. And flip. It's nothing but crap. I was excited to watch the Steelers yesterday, but that was on national TV. Aside from an occasiona entertaining experience like that, I usually flip for a few minutes and ultimately settle back into a book, hours upon hours of music, jumping jacks (ok, haven't done that (yet)), or work on the apartment.

I can't believe how bad television, and news networks in particular, has gotten. Once CNN kicked Aaron Brown to the curb in favor of 24 hr. Anderson Cooper marathons, I figured that was the final straw. Nevertheless, I was drawn in. That's their goal isn't it? Guess I grabbed the bait.