California Delays Execution

It looks like the barbarism that is capital punishment was put to a test today. I guess the folks playing God were unable to find a doctor who was willing to inject the fatal dose. Perhaps this can finally lead to an open and bipartisan discussion and debate on capital punishment.

Once thing should be made clear: Although I am a staunch opponent to the death penalty, I in no way sympathize with those who are clearly and fairly convicted of heinous crimes. My opposition to capital punishment lies 1) in the fact that the state should not determine life and death and 2) every piece of research on capital punishment weighs against it. For example, it is NOT a deterrant to crime, it does not cost less than imprisoning someone for life, it DOES discriminate against race and economic standing, and INNOCENT people have been put to death by the state. I repeat that, INNOCENT PEOPLE have been put to death. These are only a few examples, but overall capital punishment is simply wrong. This is not the state's job.

Again, I do not side with criminals over the families of the victims. I just contend that capital punishment is not the answer. It never has been and it never will be.