Lately I simply can't follow current events. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about what's going on in the world, but of late, I just can't follow anymore. Watching CNN, MSNBC or even a good news source like PBS or BBC just infuriates me. I'm sickened by the world we live in, I'm slowly losing pride in my country.

Here are some things that keep me going:

Bruce Springsteen in 1975. ASPCA. Vinyl. Being There. Josh Rouse. Wilco. Murakami. Jimmy Carter. MLK's Legacy. San Francisco. Raymond Carver. Edson. The Sweet Hereafter. The Fillmore. Brooklyn Lager. The Brooklyn Inn. Good Night, and Good Luck. My Mother. My Family. Dogs. Liberals Who Aren't Afraid To Be Liberals. Paul Wellstone's Legacy. The Replacements. Mami. DB. Negri. Clark. Doc. 1232. The Rest. The Gourds. George Clooney. SxSW. Big Sur. Will Johnson. Ted Kennedy. Bill Clinton. Spitting in the Face of Fear. Alejandro Escovedo. Bob. 2008. Chuck D. Music. Johnny Cash. Camel Lights. My Backyard. Progressive Causes. The Future. Will Oldham. Kenny Roby. Chicken. NY Times. Coffee. Hope.