Good Night, and Good Luck and America

Just saw this movie and I just kept asking this: Where are the Edward Murrow's of today? Where are the tough reporters? Who's asking questions? Who is DEVELOPING and sticking with a story in order to find truth?

We have Bill O'Rielly making shit up at every turn, Anderson Cooper wearing his windbreaker and monopolizing CNN, Joe Scarborough putting me to sleep on MSNBC, and that's about all I can think of. Where are the real reporters? Does anyone care anymore?

Here's the Bush report card: 1) Fabricated intelligence that's led to tens of thousands of deaths 2) CIA leaks 3) Katrina disaster 4) Wiretapping 5) Scooter Libby 6) Tax Cuts for his pals 7) Education cuts in favor of pharmeceutical companies and big business 8) bin Laden running free almost FIVE YEARS post 9/11 9) Shall I go on? He is the worst president of my time, and I can only presume perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States. Where's the media? Where's the truth? Where's the fight? WHERE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?