Avian Flu

Yesterday it was one year at the earliest. Today Secretary Asshole Chertoff says that the flu could hit the US within a few months. He goes on to say that we're prepared; that the CDC/FEMA/Homeland Lack of Security, etc. knows how to deal with what's inevitably coming.

Hmmmm...should we trust Mr. Chertoff? How'd he do with Katrina? Not too great if I recall correctly. What about them ports, Mr. Secretary? Didn't handle that one too well. Oh well, at least you're not the man in charge. I mean, the president will step in. Oh wait, he was in charge during the above-mentioned debacles, as well as the Iraq War, Gitmo, Abramoff, Plame, the ongoing torture (remember that: our government is PERMITTING torture), ludicrous tax cuts, defecits out the ass.

With Avian Flu starting to pick up steam, Americans need to read about and find out their own means for potentially combatting what could be the next global epidemic. We clearly can't trust George W., Washington or the leaders running organizations tied to the Bush administration. If there ain't money in it for him or his cronies, forget it.

Avian Flu could very well be contained; however, all reports seem to predict otherwise. My fear is that this potentially massive virus really takes off before 2008. If it does, there's little question that Mr. Bush will stumble at every possible turn, leading to possible catastrophic consequences.

If this virus mutates and begins moving around the globe, we as a globe better pray that it doesn't happen in the next 2.5 years. If it does, lord help us.