The Next President

With yesterday's straw vote in Memphis and the Sunday news shows filled with presidential hopefuls, it appears as if the race is on. Given what's happened over the past 5 1/2 years and what will continue to happen up through 2008, this will probably be the most important election this country's seen in some time.

Sure, it's clear that I side with the left. There are very few members of the Republican party that I like. Without giving it much thought, Michael Bloomberg is the only republican I would consider supporting in an election. If I still lived in NY, I would've voted for him over Freddie Feraro. When considering Washington republicans, I've got nothing. I used to like John McCain but my respect for him has evaporated over the past few years.

So here are the likely options in each party:

Republicans: John McCain, Bill Frist, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman (oh wait, he's still a registered democrat).

Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Mark Warner, Evan Bayh and Wesley Clark.

My opinions will clearly change as the race takes hold and we find out who's running and who's not. That said, if I had my choice today for the next president of the United States, my choice would be AL GORE. Former VP Gore has experience, he speaks his mind, he stands behind his causes, he's the antithesis of George W. Bush and he's a brilliant and curious mind. Sure, he has some baggage given his missteps in 2000 but I truly believe that Al Gore can lead this country back from this mess.

Simply put, we can't be led by another republican. They had their opportunity over the past eight years and look where we're at.

We need a democrat, a true democrat. And that democratic is Al Gore.